Hashgift トークンのAirDrop(無料配布)を計画しています。


規格: ERC-20

シンボル: HSG

コントラクトアドレス: 0x2B457F27C97349803f396598e7fAACc02d716160

Airdrop予定量: 100,000,000 HSG

申込期間: 先着順(配布予定量がなくなり次第終了)

申込方法: Airdrop申込ページ(こちら) から申込


Hashgiftサービス( https://hashgift.org/company )内通貨 (予定)

パブリックチェーン上のトークン(ビットコイン、イーサリアム等)との交換 (予定)

Token Airdrop is planning

■Token Information

Token Standard: ERC-20

Symbol: HSG

Contract Address: 0x2B457F27C97349803f396598e7fAACc02d716160

Airdrop amount: 100,000,000 HSG

Application period: first come, first served

How to apply: Application form here

How to use the token:

HSG token will be used in-service (* https://hashgift.org/company ) currency (Planning)

Swap to other token on public chain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, .. (Planning)

*Currently, #gift service is available in Japan. The supported language is Japanese.

We plan to create an English version to support shipping of products across countries.